The Iritis Organization is an informative website on iritis to help those that suffer and those researching the disease. is the largest online community allowing those with iritis to share, communicate, and learn more about the disease. Our organization encourages everyone to ask questions and share their knowledge on iritis and uveitis through our support forum.

The Iritis Organization does not provide professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or services to those that suffer from iritis. Our organization’s goal is to provide education, awareness and the information necessary to find an iritis specialists for proper treatment.

How It Started

While our community is very large, the organization is quite small. It is owned and operated by the founder along with a few volunteers that help administer and moderate our support forum. The Iritis Organization website was started in 1994 shortly after founder was diagnosed with iritis. Before the internet there wasn’t much knowledge about iritis and uveitis and it was often misdiagnosed. The goal was to build an educational site to create awareness and help those that suffer. For this reason, volunteers and donations are so important in order to keep the site running. If you have questions on how to donate or volunteer please contact us.