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Canadian Doctors list

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Brenda's List of Canadian Doctors
This is a list of physicians in Canada who have expressed special interest in uveitis and whom members have found to be helpful resources. As an organization, we are not able to recommend these physicians to you one way or the other because we lack information about their training in Uveitis and/or Ocular Immunology (except as may be noted on the list).

We strongly recommend that anyone living with uveitis or other ocular inflammatory disease be treated by a physician who has completed advanced, Fellowship-level, training in Uveitis or in Ocular Immunology.

We are often asked what distinguishes a Uveitis Specialist from an Ocular immunologist.

A Uveitis Specialist is an ophthalmologist with a special, specific interest in uveitis, and who has become proficient in the diagnosis and management of patients with uveitis. The most straightforward way to do this is to complete at least one year of advanced training, a dedicated Uveitis Fellowship training program, aimed at development of expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms off uveitis.

An Ocular Immunologist is an ophthalmologist who has, by virtue of advanced training in Ocular Immunology, developed highly specialized diagnostic and therapeutic skills in caring for patients with destructive inflammatory diseases of the eye mediated by abnormal immuno-regulatory processes. Ocular Immunologists have advanced training and clinical experience with all inflammatory diseases of the eye, with systemic autoimmune disease, and with systemic immunomodulatory chemotherapy.

If you are seeking a consultation regarding immunomodulatory chemotherapy for treatment of uveitis or other ocular inflammatory disease, it is worth knowing that physicians with advanced Fellowship-level training in Ocular Immunology are more likely to be equipped, by virtue of their training and experience, to render a balanced and expert opinion on the full range of treatment options that should be considered, and to be able to provide immunosuppression chemotherapy should it be recommended.

It is perfectly appropriate to ask any physician, whom you are considering having as part of your team, about their specific Fellowship training in Uveitis or Ocular Immunology (list of specialists).

If you are a physician who would like to be listed here, or if you are a patient with additional recommendations, please see the bottom of this list for contact information.


British Columbia

Dr. Maberley, MD
UBC, Dep't of Opthalmology,
2550 Willow Street (Eye Care Centre),
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
V5Z 3N9
Office: (604) 763-6374
Fax: (604) 875-4699

2025 West 42nd Ave
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
V6M 2B5
(604) 263-3335

Dr. Hugh Parsons
New Westminster,B.C.


Dr. Paul Savage
508 15th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
Office: (403) 245-4442
Fax: (403) 229-1757

Dr. Mark D.J. Greve
Telephone: (780) 448-1801
FAX: (780) 448-1809
Suite 400, 10924 107 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 0X5

Dr. Jonathon Heston
101 2731 Hewes Way
Office: (780) 450-3200

Dr. Jitendra Gohill
Address: 441-131 9th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 1K1
Office: (403) 264-0141
Fax: (403) 265 9279

Shawkat Michel, MD
Lloydminster and Camrose Eye Clinics
#4, 9017-184 Street
Edmonton, T5T 1W2
Office: (780) 489-6645


Dr. Mili Roy
Winnipeg Clinic
425 St Mary's Avenue
Phone: (204) 957-3253
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Richard Bazin, MD
9880 Jourdain Street
Quebec City, PQ G2K 1M9
Office: (418) 650-5065
Fax: (418) 654-2188

Paul C. Thompson, MD
University of Montreal
625 President Kennedy, #1503
Montreal, PQ H3A 1K2
Office: (514) 849-9215
Fax: (514) 849-5115

Dr. J. Deschenes
Service d'Ophtalmologie
Universite McGill
Montreal, Quebec


Theodore Rabinovitch
2115 Finch Avenue
Suite 407
Toronto, M3N 2V6
Office: (416) 748-2020
Fax: (416) 748-8582

Dr. William Hodge
Phone Number: 613-737-8032
Eye Institute
General Campus of the Ottawa hospital
Ottawa, Ontario
(416) 737-8575

Dr. Znajda
Phone Number: 416-284-0289
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Derzko-Dzulynsky,
Office: (416) 760-8763
In addtion, she also works out of the Eye Clinic at Sunnybrooke Health Science Centre on Bayview Ave, Toronto, Ontario


Dr. Bense
Bense Eye Centre and Bense Medical Aesthetics
100 Elizabeth Avenue
Suite 202, Elizabeth Towers
St. John's, Newfoundland
A1B 1S1
Office: (709) 722-20/20 or (709) 722-40/60
Fax: (709) 579-3209


This list is maintained by Brenda Barrett. She is always looking for more physicians to add to the list. Please eMail Breand directly with recommendations, in particular physicians who use a steroid sparing approach to treatment of uveitis.
Mike Bartolatz
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