Steroid drops during pregnancy

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Steroid drops during pregnancy

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Hi all. First of all, the information and level of support on this website is immense. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the support forums and the moderators who work behind the scenes.
I am in the middle of my second flare up of iritis (two flare ups one year apart). Testing has concluded there is no underlying cause, but this is something I am keen to investigate further.
I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and caught this current flare up early (usual symptoms, only slight pain) and I am currently on Pred Forte 1% (one drop every hour for the next few days). I am slightly uncomfortable taking these drops as I am the first pregnant woman who has been treated for iritis in my city (New Zealand is a small country!). My specialist consulted with others in the profession to ensure safety (as it is a category C drug).
Basically I just want to know is there anyone else who has used these drops during pregnancy? Ultimately, I just want reassurance that it is safe for the baby and are there any other side effects I should be aware of?
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Re: Steroid drops during pregnancy

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I am curious about what you found regarding this? I have chronic uveitis and am planning to start a family within the next 6 months. I have been told to go on methotrexate which I am not going to do given its terotogenic effects, but would like more information regarding the use of steroid drops during pregnancy. I am currently maintaining on 1 drop every other day, however, am in the middle of a new flare so am assuming that I will not be able to taper to 0 any time soon. Any information is welcome!
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