prednisone + pred forte?

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prednisone + pred forte?

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Hello Mike,
34 yo HLA B27 reoccurring Anterior Uveitis sufferer, have posted several times here, always with great feedback.
I'm wondering if you can help with a quick question that will avoid me having to call in an emergency call to the on call doctor on a Saturday.

I was just prescribed 40 mg oral Prednisone after a week on every 2 hours Pred Forte with a stubborn eye didn't help. Forgot to ask if I was supposed to continue, taper, or cut off the Pred Forte now that I'm on Oral. Don't suppose you can answer that for me? I know it's a standard answer, but it's (thankfully) been about a year since the last time an eye didn't react to the drops, and I've forgotten the procedure.

Thanks so much. You are a great help to so many of us.

Mike Bartolatz
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Re: prednisone + pred forte?

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probably stay on the topical steroid but call the doctors' office and ask him.

take care,
Mike Bartolatz
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